! Notice !

The game may take up to a minute to load when starting from the browser.

 ---{ Controls: }---

Swordbreak:Parry your opponents attack until you break their guard, then attack to break their weapon. You can then kill or spare them. 
AMove left
Move right
KHold to block, press as enemy attack lands to parry

The Swordbreaker's Oath: I vow to abandon my life among people, protect Your life with my own, and only to take life when left with no other option.

This game is in active development and there's more we want to add so we will be updating it soon. For those looking for the original game jam version of the game, it has been archived for now.

---{ Credits }---

Code- Printer Not Found

Art- Printer Not Found

Shaders- Printer Not Found

Game design- Printer Not Found

Font asset- Not Jam

Music- Budgerii

Sound effects- Budgerii

Voice lines- Budgerii

Writing- Budgerii

Game design- Budgerii


windows build 1.5.zip 89 MB


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I'd love to have a downloadable version! Cool game! (I suck at it but it's fun!)


that can be arranged. let me know what platform you're on and I'll make it avaliable sometime later today.  

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

Budgeri and I are planning on releasing it on mobile for free without ads or any anything like that sometime within the next two months.

I'm playing on PC (Windows), so far playing the browser-based version.


I have made a Windows build that you can download now. Let me know If you run into any issues, and good luck.

Closest I have to an issue is that the "exit" button resets to the "press enter to play" screen and there's no way to close it without alt+F4

Also I'm still bad at the game, but now I can be bad at it even when my internet crashes! Thanks!

haha, Sorry about that. I updated that Windows build, so the exit button should be working in the new version. 

I also made some minor changes to improve the game.


This looks gorgeous, love the monochromatic aesthetic, and the attention to detail like the movement of the grass in the wind and the falling leaves adds a lot to the ambience :)

Took me a while to figure out how to spare the enemies, and I never managed to spare more than one per run, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.