A Slow Fall is a calm short game about a flower gliding through the air. Collect the orbs of light and avoid the orbs of death.  

The game takes about five minutes to play and finish. I made the game in about a week.

WASD Controls:

A and D to rotate the flower.

W to slow down but rise up.

S to speed up but fall down.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPrinter Not Found
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Colorful, Exploration, Flying, nature, Non violent, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


A Soft Fall Game.zip 28 MB

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Thanks for downloading :)

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Very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing of a game. Art is very polished, so as the overall 'vibe' of the environment.

It would be nice to have some of the game UI updated (  (one example is the text in the tutorial section of the game, it was offscreen when you play the browser version). Maybe it's more of a resolution problem. There's also the controls (though after a few minutes of gameplay, I got the hang of it), it can be quite hard to figure out at first. 

But overall, a very good, short game, considering it was made in a week :) Awesome!

Hey, Thanks so much. I'll look into that UI problem. For my future projects I think I'll focus on a faster and easier movement system.


I tried out some of your game.  The music is nice and so are the visuals.  Moving the flower around is a little difficult, though, and it was a bit too easy for the flower to go into the red blobs.

Awesome, thanks heaps for the feedback.

You're very welcome.