A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Road Stripes is a laid back drifting/racing game that can be played single player or with a friend via split-screen. Dodge obstacles, collect coins and race the clock. The game was made for a school project and has a total of two tracks each with obstacle and coin modifiers to keep the game interesting.

I don't think I will ever update the game but if I do then I will post updates here.

I hope you enjoy. 

Install instructions


Make sure you don't move any of files out of the "RoadStripes Game" folder that they come in. 

If you want to access the game without opening the "RoadStripes Game" folder then create a shortcut to the "RoadStripes.exe" and move the shortcut onto you desktop or where ever you'd like.

Thanks for downloading (:


RoadStripes Game.zip 46 MB

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