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Despite me sucking at parkour-based video games, this was a super fun couple of minutes with a great atmosphere as well!


thanks, im really glad you enjoyed it. This was a long abandoned project of mine that i revived again, so its great to hear that it was worth seeing the project through to completion.

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To the players who enjoyed playing this game,

I have put a secret mechanic in this game just for you:

How to activate it:

If you press down the Z, M, and T keys (all at the same time in one of the levels) you can activate a secret ability in the game, the dash.

The dash cheat will automatically turn off when you complete the game and exit to the main menu.

How to use it after it is activated:

once the cheat is activated, you can press the shift key to dash around (you can only use it once in the air).

have fun, and thanks for playing.

That was pretty challenging! But the vibe was there! I really like playing this game!!

Hey, thanks for your comment, I am really glad you enjoy the game. Infact, I am just about to post a big update to the game right now.