You've made a big mistake. You put on a pair of rocket boots that are too small! Now you can't get them off, and you'll go boom if you're on the ground too long. Earn your high score by blasting your way through waves of enemies using your cannon, rocket boots, and your trusty slo-mo cassette player. 

(Make sure to grab some jam to make you feel better after all the explosions.)

! If you are Experiencing problems with the mouse controls, try playing the game in windowed mode !


WASDForward, Back, Left, Right.
Space bardJump. Press again in the air to rocket jump.
Left Mouse ButtonFire your cannon.
Right Mouse ButtonSlow down time.
ShiftRocket dash (touch the ground to recharge)


  • Enemies take multiple hits to kill.
  • Your own explosions won't harm you. Use them to traverse the map.
  • If you aren't moving fast enough, your rocket boots will explode and damage you.
  • A new jar of jam spawns at the start of each wave.

note: this version of the game has been updated since the game jam.

Music and Sound Effects: Budgeri

Programming and Art: Printer_Not_Found